Christ the King Lutheran Church is a community of believers who are called, gathered, enlightened, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. 

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By the grace of God, we:

  • Receive the mercy of God in Jesus Christ, rained upon us in Word and Sacrament,
  • Delight and Immerse in this mercy, and
  • Pour Out mercy through our lives as Jesus taught.

 We invite you to browse our web site for information and activities, inspiration, hope, to share a concern or prayer request.  We hope you find our vision to serve our Lord Jesus Christ throughout these pages and are drawn to Him.  It is our desire to apply this vision to our daily lives in order to glorify His name and share His message of hope, joy, and love to all who seek His presence.

 You are always WELCOME at Christ the King!  Please feel free to contact us, or just stop by.

Congratulations to council members 
elected at the 2016 Congregation Meeting on
January 29, 2017:
Jason Mathwig
John Rodeberg
Scott Schochenmaier
Leah Starke
J.P. Whittington
Contact information for Council Members is on the Purple "Contact Us" tab above
Congregation officers are
President, Scott Bandas
V. President, Galen Goranowski
Secretary, Rhonda Schwarze
Treasurer, John Rodeberg
Weather Conditions
Our practice is to hold Worship Services for anyone who can get here safely.
Announcements regarding other meetings and activities
will be on this home page, on our voice mail (option 3),


 "Member Connection"

You now have a secure tool available through the internet where you can manage your family information and use a safe online giving tool.  Your first step is to register on the website below: 

 Click here for "Member Connection"

 Within a day or two of registering you can review the information we have on record for you (addresses, phone numbers, emails, birthdates), see your year-to-date giving detail, see prior year's giving summaries, provide additional or updated information, send messages through Ministry Connection, and use a simple, secure online giving tool (checking, savings, debit or credit card).  In the future we plan to use the Member Connection to provide Registration Forms and payment tools for specific events, such as Bible School, Youth Mission Trip, or Bible Study sign up.


CTK Worship

Saturday 6:30pm

Sunday 8:15am

Sunday 10:45am